Why PSP?


What are our employees saying about working with PSP? 

“As a graduate student and house director, I’ve consistently felt supported, challenged and fulfilled working with Pearl Stone Partners. Building relationships with PSP staff, chapter members, local vendors and everyone involved in the facility operations has not only helped me grow personally, but has also enabled me to apply and enhance my skills across various aspects of my life. Anyone seeking a rewarding challenge who loves working with people should consider applying to be a house director!”

– Current house director and graduate student

“As a prospective sorority house director, I will admit that I found the location, pay, benefits and perks quite enticing. Little did I know when I signed on that those were just the ‘lipstick and rouge.’ … What truly makes this job a dream come true is the incredible company culture! Each day I know that no matter what challenges arise, I will be heard, respected, supported, encouraged and appreciated by my Pearl Stone people!”

– First-time PSP house director

“PSP has provided me with an abundance of information, from maintaining our homes to caring for each other. I enjoy learning how to cooperate and work within a group situation while maintaining individuality. In times of crisis, PSP is there every step of the way to assist in any and all ways”

– House director of 17 years

“As an Alpha Chi Omega House Director, I attended an AXO national house director conference and made some life-long friends as a result. Having other AXO house directors as colleagues and friends from other parts of the country has been a rich and rewarding experience. Based on my lovely experience with Pearl Stone Partners, I highly recommend them as employers. I hope to be with them for many years to come!”

– Current house director 

What are our stakeholders saying about our house directors?

“(Our house director) has been a wonderful help since she started. She always puts others first and cares about the health and safety of the house and the women living inside. Every day, she makes sure the house is in order, doing a morning and night walk-through. She knows when vendors are coming to the chapter house and walks them through the facility to make sure the job gets done right. She’s been a savior for our house corporation too!” 

– Chapter advisor and house director supervisor 

“In 19 years, she is the best house director I’ve ever interacted with, and I do not say this lightly. Her positivity, trust and good-will building, and ability to do her job well are gifts to our chapter.”

– Local house corporation president 

“She has created wonderful connections to all of our staff and the members. I see our house director out talking to members all the time!”

– VP facility operations 

“She has been an excellent house director for (our chapter)! She is dedicated to creating an environment that is inclusive and welcoming for all members and staff. As a result, she regularly communicates with members and has meetings to discuss updates with leadership.”

– Chapter advisor and house director supervisor